Cow milking Machine manufacturer - Cow milking Machine supplier

Being ISO 9001:2008 certified company; we offer highly efficient cow milking machine o2 with convenient features. It is also known as double cow milking machine. It contains milking capacity of 20 – 22 cow / hour.

It contains digital lifter unit. It is an economic and compact model. Employment of precise engineering tools has helped us to decrease its production cost, Cow Milking Machine. It is also made highly efficient with respect to operation and maintenance.

Keeping in the mind, where to use cow milking machine, we have designed a structure that offer easy usage with easy cleaning and maintaining functions. To make it too convenient for use, it is properly designed with reference to size, material and capacity.

Cow Milking Machine

It is provided with 20 liter bucket made from double 304 SS fabricated as per ISO 9001. It contains vacuum tank capacity 25 liters. It consists of chassis for 32 x 2 mm pipe coated with oil paint. It contains milk hose made from food grade silicon with size of L3600 mm, D 20 mm, and ID 13 mm. it is provided with high capacity vacuum pump.

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