Quick and effectivecooling system is a must for proper preservation of milk in the dairies. The milk cooling tank we manufacture offers fast cooling feature with maintenance of temperature from 4°C to 6°Cwhich checksthe bacterial growth in it. These are also fabricated from high quality materials resistant to corrosion for the prevention of rust &formation of corroded particles hence the milk stored is free from contaminants. The ideal design makes the tank very compact, energy efficient and cost-effective. The tanks are accessible in different capacities and are absolutely effortless to clean because of the smooth surface, seamless & high finishing and thus there is no chance of grime deposition within the tank and hence the hygiene and the quality of the content are preserved.

These are made as per the most modern technology hence have easy to use features. We maintain the quality of our milk cooling tanks by strictly complying with the international quality standards and also quality testing the products before putting them in the hands of the clients.

Milk Cooling Tank Manufacture
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