We are the most prominent dairy equipment exporters of India and our products branded as MILKY ®are very popular in the global market. Few of our best sellers in the international market include Road Milk Tankers, our broad array of Milking Machines as well as Milk Fat Testing Machines / Milk Fat Analyzer.

Our products are admired in the international market due to the quality and high-performance they offer. This is because we are very rigid about the quality as well as updating our work process with the latest technology accessible. We are very austere in maintaining international quality standards. Hence our products are immensely imported by nations such as South Africa, Kenya, Brazil Norway, Italy, Greece, and Denmark. Our sturdily fabricated equipments have outstanding convenience in application, lucrativeness, power efficiency, robustness, good lifespan, consistency, compactness as well as high dependability. Our product rice rates are also reasonable.

double cow milking machine
milk fat testing machines milk fat analyzer
It is a large storage tank for cooling and holding milk at a cold temperature until it can be picked up by a milk hauler.
All our Open Type offline separators give the highest efficiency of skimming i.e. 0.05% and with that, it will also provide polishing and clarification as to its standard performance
Milk Cooling Tank Manufacture Dairy Equipments Cow Milking Machine
Cheese Press Manufacture Ghee Making Equipment Milk Valve
Paneer Press Manufacture Butter Making Equipment Cream Separator Machines
Dairy Processing Plant Paneer Making Equipment Electric Cream Separator
Dairy Machinery Dairy Processing Plant Milk Cream Separator Machine
Mini Dairy Plant Manufacture Milk Chillers Manual Milk Cream Separator Machine
Milk Cream Separator Machine Milk Plant Manufacture Hand Driven Cream Separator Machine
Curd Percolator Manufacture Milk Turnkey Project Manufacture Milk Fat Testing Machines
Stirrer Manufacture Plastic Milk Can Manufacture Stirrers
Madhani Manufacture Milking Machine Butter Churner
Milk Can Wash Machine Bulk Milk Cooler Can Scrubber
Milk Can Scrubber Milk Analyzer Milk Storage Tank
Milkotester Manufacture Milk Storage Cans Milk Pump

Dairy Equipment

A professionally managed company, Gujarat, Mahesh Eng. Works are one of India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of dairy processing equipment like Cream Separator Machine, Online Cream Separator, Milk Separator, Online Cream Separator, Mobile Milking Machine, Milking Machine etc.


A professionally managed company, Gujarat, Mahesh Eng. Works is one of india’s leading manufacturer and supplier of dairy processing equipment like Cream Separator Machine, Online Cream Seprator, Milk Separator, Online Cream Seprator, Mobile Milking Machine, Milking Machine etc.

Dairy Product Machinery

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